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Army Lists / 8th Ed 40K - List ideas / spam
« on: June 02, 2017, 08:52:31 AM »
No list building apps yet :(

So heres my old school method, 1000 points to start

Patrol Detachment

[168] Farseer Skyrunner - Singing Spear

[194] 10 Direavengers - Exarch, Shimmershield & Power Glaive

[206] 10 Banshee - Powerswords, Exarch - Executioner

[167]Waveserpent - Shuriken cannon, Twin missles launcher

[168] Fire Prysm - Shuriken cannon
[98]Vaul battery - Shadowweaver

Wargaming / Game on 8.1.17?
« on: January 04, 2017, 08:12:58 PM »
Anyone after a game On Sunday? Finally got a pass! :D

40K  / 30K  / AOS all good with me :)

Also have guildball, and Malifaux  but would prefer the above :)

Army Lists / 3000 Legio Cybernetica
« on: December 17, 2016, 08:08:18 PM »
Another 30K list.... got my eye on a new toy  :D

Legio Cybernetica Battle Cohort.


[315] Anacharis Scoria - Xanathite  Abeyant
[170] Magos Dominus - Augury Scanner, Machinator Array, Cyber Familiar, Rad Clenser, Volkite serpenta, Abeyant


[360] 2x Domitar - Frag Grenades,


[230] 2x Castellax -  Multi Melta, Power Blades.
[210] 2x Castellax -  Mauler Bolt cannon,
[175] 3 Thallax - Ferrox, Melta Bombs
[175] 3 Thallax - Ferrox, Melta Bombs


[185] The Homonculex -  Arc Scourge
[175] Vultarax Stratos
[175] Vultarax Stratos


[265] Thanatar - Enhanced Targeting Array

Lord of War

[525] Acastus Knight Porphyrion - Occular Augmetics, Lascannons

Total - 2960
Got 40 Points free to play with Tictacs soon!

Army Lists / 1850 Deathwatch
« on: August 16, 2016, 10:28:42 PM »
To kill Neils Quins, of course  ;)

Black Spear Strike force

Watch Commander
[205] Watchmaster -  Beacon Angelis


[195] Corvus Blackstar - Auspex Array, Infernum Halo Laucnhers

Aquilla Kill Team

[170] 5 Veterans - 4 Missile Launchers
[115] 1 Librarian - ML2, The Dominus Aegis
[130] 2 Terminators - 2 Cyclone Missile Launchers

Furor Kill Team

[210] 5 Veterans - 4 Infernus Heavy Bolters
[95] Librarian - ML2
[50] Terminators - Assault Cannon,
[35] Drop Pod

Malleus Kill Team
[210] 5 Veterans  - 4 Frag Cannons
[100] 2 Terminators - Thunder Hammer, Stormshields
[35] Drop Pod

Dominatus Kill Team

[110] 5 Veterans - 4 Shotguns
[110] 2 Vanguard Vets - Heavy Thunder hammer
[35] Drop Pod

still very much a WIP

Army Lists / [AoS] 2000 - Bone Splitterz
« on: August 11, 2016, 09:17:56 PM »
Going to a few One day events soon with plans to go to a 2 dayer in a few months. This is supposed to be punchy. Well as much as you can get for being one book.

(CT) Command trait. (S) Spells. (A) Artefact


Battle Traits
- Warpaint, Monster Hunters

[140] Wurrgog Prophet - (S)Mystic Shield, (S)Arcane Bolt(S)Fists of Gork , (S)Squiggly curse (A)Mystic Waaagh Paint
[80] Wardokk - (S)Mystic Shield, (S)Arcane Bolt, (S) Hand of Gork

[60] Kunnin' Rukk   
    [100] Savage Orruk Bigboss - General, (CT)Squirmy Warpaint,  (A)Dokk Juice
    [400] 40 x Arrowboys
    [100] 10 x Savage Orruks
    [100] 10 x Savage Orruks
[40] Snagga Rukk     
    [100] Maniak Weirdnob - (S)Mystic Shield, (S)Arcane Bolt, (S) Bone Spirit, (S) Brutal Beast Spirits, (A)Ju-Ju Wotnotz
    [100] Maniak Weirdnob - (S)Mystic Shield, (S)Arcane Bolt, (S) Bone Spirit, (S) Brutal Beast Spirits, (A)Ju-Ju Wotnotz
    [160] 5 x Savage Boar Maniacs
    [160] 5 x Savage Boar Maniacs
[40] Teef Rukk    
    [200] 4 x Big Stabbas
    [200] 4 x Big Stabbas
Total  1980

So tactics

Prophet is ranged Mortal DPS. Casts the Arcane Vortex and then nukes the world.

Big boss command Trait goes on the Arrow boys (Hit roll of 6, one extra attack),
Weirdnob casts Bone Spirit on the arrow boys (reroll 1s to hit (all if double)), the 2nd one casts beast spirits (+1 to hit)
The Kunnin Ruk allows the Arrow boys to shoot in the hero phase. Thats 120 shots, 90ish hits and 45ish wounds. Thats most targets dead. They repeat this in the shooting phase

The savages are objective grabbers and 'human' shields for the Arrowboys.

Maniaks are flankers to get to enemy wizards ect

The Stabbas stay near the Arrow boys and fly over them ( thanks to hand of Gork 0 and attack anything meaty.

Thats the basics, and it will need work. But what do you think

Army Lists / 3000pts Tempestus Militia
« on: June 24, 2016, 10:13:28 PM »
Right, new book. Lets do this!

Provenances of War
[75] Survivors of the Dark Age (Army wide +1 save, +1 Str on Las weapons.)
[35] Ab-human Helots ( Army wide +1T, -1I)


[107] Force Commander - Carapace Armour, Iron Halo, Cyber familiar, Planetary Overlord, Bolt pistol, Melta bomb
[66] Discipline Master Cadre - 3x Masters, Bolt Pistols

[170] 20 Grenadiers - Advanced Lasrifles, 2x Plasma Guns
[135] 10 Grenadiers - Advanced Lasrifles, Rhino
[135] 10 Grenadiers - Advanced Lasrifles, Rhino
[180] 6x Militia Fire Squads - Lascannons


[510] 9 Ogryn Brutes - Carapace Armour. Heavy Bolters, Discipline Collar
[40] Medicae Detachment - 3 Orderlies


[210]Thunderbolt - Ground Tracking

[180] 3x Quad Mortars
[495] 3x Leman Russ Vanquishers - 3x Lascannons.


[660] Stormhammer - 6 Lascannons, Armoured Ceramite, Targeters,

Total 2998!

Army Lists / Raven Guard
« on: February 03, 2016, 10:31:31 PM »
Just a generic Raven Guard thread. Both 30k and 40K. Sorta written as a cheat sheet as these rules are spread over 3 books.

First off a 1850 40K list!

Raven Guard chapter Tactics :- Non vehicles have Shrouded turn 1, +1 to Night Fighting roll, can use jump packs to charge and move and reroll HoW Wounds.

Talon Strike force :- Can make reserve rolls from turn 1 (4+), Can choose to fail Moral checks, can reroll dice for mission, deployment zone and who goes first.

Pinion Battle Demi Company:- Scout Sarg gives unit within 9" Ignores Cover, Scouts can make a unit outflank with them both units gain stealth that turn
[150]Captain - Armour of Shadows, Relic Blade
[115]5 Tactical Marines - Melta Gun, - Drop Pod
[115]5 Tactical Marines - Melta Gun, - Drop Pod
[115]5 Tactical Marines - Melta Gun, - Drop Pod
[110]5 Assault Marines - Jump Packs, 1 Eviscerator
[155]5 Devastators -  4 Lascannons, Cherub - Sarg, Signum
[70]5 Scouts - Sniper Rifles, cloaks.

Shadowstrike Kill Team:- The Vanguard Vets can choose to pass/fail reserve rolls, can charge from deepstrike, and dont scatter if placed within 9" of 2 scout units.
[105]5 Scouts - Land Speeder Storm, Multimelta
[105]5 Scouts - Land Speeder Storm, Multimelta
[255]10 Vanguard vets - 2x Lightning claws, 2x Power Axes, Power Fist
[255]10 Vanguard vets - 2x Lightning claws, 2x Power Axes, Power Fist

Raptor Wing:- Auto arrive at turn 2, The Land speeder can choose a priority target within 18", Stormtalons reroll to wound / pen Vs it.
[70]Landspeeder - Typhoon Missle Launcher
[115]Stormtalon - Skyhammer Missles
[115]Stormtalon - Skyhammer Missles

So general tictacs. I should go first, if not Ill null deploy. Devastators deploy in cover with the Captain. The Armour gives shrouded to the unit for a 2+ cover save. The scouts are nearby and point out targets that the 4 Lascannons will ignore the cover save on.
Tactical squads are transport killers, drop in the back line and try pop a rhino or 2.

Vanguard vets auto arrive turn 1 and can charge something. Aiming for other MEQ syle units. I dont think they can handle TEQs.

Hopefully the Stormtalons show up turn 1. Unleash some hell on some AV

Items for Sale / My clear out thread!
« on: January 16, 2016, 09:22:14 AM »
Small child, tons of crap. Need to clear space.  If you need photos or more info let me know. If the price isn't right, make me an offer!

GW Realm of Battle board
, painted and flocked with skull pools filled in. - £80


Stormcast - All built, some primed. - £250

2x Starter sets
Celestant Prime
Knight Venator
Knight Vexilla
Knight Heraldor
10 Judicators
6 Prosecutors
10 paladins

Skaven collection. - Rough list! - £200

The Virulent Horde - the OOP large pestilence box
Start collecting : Pestilences

60+ Clanrats / Slaves
10+ Giant rats and handlers
A rat 'giant' (As in a biped rat thats giant sized)

20+ Clanrats / slaves
plastic plague priest
plastic weapons teams
metal weapons teams
converted plague claw
loads of other bits, metal characters, assassins, globadiers ect

Infinity - All of it £60
Half the Icestorm set, buildings and dice ect, Pan O i think with the pre order character £40
Some other stuff Haqislam? And combine?

Skittari / Cult Mech / Warconvocation - All built - £250
Codex Skitarri + cards
Codex Cult mech + cards
Tech Priest Dominus
2x Kastelaan Robots with datasmith
Onager Dunecrawler
6 Kataphron
10 Rangers
10 Vanguard
5 Infiltrators
5 Rustalkers
Knight crusader - BNIB

Army Lists / 1850 Eldar Corsairs
« on: December 01, 2015, 10:39:23 PM »
Using a CAD as I can figure the other one out yet.  List is a WiP, still getting used to looking in 4 different books for rules for stuff....

List time!

[115] Corsair Prince - Cloud Dancer, Shadowfield, Corsair Combat Drugs,
[120] Corsair Void Dreamer - ML3 Aethermancy, Shadowfield, Jet pack.

[165] 10 Corsair Reavers - Jet pack,  lasblaster. Combat Drugs
[165] 5 Corsair Cloud Dancers -  5 Scatter Laser, Combat Drugs

Reavers are joined by the void dreamer. Will try keep out of LoS while using the new powers
Cloud dancers all keep back and pew pew. Exactly as Eldar do.

[75] Corsair Wasp - 2 Scatter lasers, Void burners
[75] Corsair Wasp - 2 Scatter lasers, Void burners

Deepstrike behind an enemy tank try to get the rear armour. May make them 1 unit, to make sure that tank dies.


[125] Corsair Nightwing
[160] 2 Corsair Hornets - 4 Pulse lasers
[160] 2 Corsair Hornets - 4 Pulse lasers

Some air support from the still awesome Nightwing. The Hornets are my swap out for the Deathshroud. Depending on how I feel. They are still awesome though.


[270] Corsair Lynx - Scatter Laser, Kinetic Shroud
[210] Warp Hunter - Shuriken Cannon, Kinetic Shroud
[210] Warp Hunter - Shuriken Cannon, Kinetic Shroud

Invulnerable saves all around. Means I wont use jink and can keep those templates flying.

Army Lists / 2500 Nightlords
« on: November 17, 2015, 09:15:23 AM »
An idea Im toying with for Neils 30K campaign and Dans campaign event in April next year.

Right of War
Terror Assault



[270]10 Terrors - 10 Volkite Chargers, Headsman - Artificer Armour, Nostraman Chainglaive
[270]10 Terrors - 10 Volkite Chargers, Headsman - Artificer Armour, Nostraman Chainglaive
[270]10 Terrors - 10 Volkite Chargers, Headsman - Artificer Armour, Nostraman Chainglaive

[410]10 Legion Terminators -  Cataphractii Armour, 4 Chainfists, 6 Power Fists, Teleportation Transponder

Fast Attack
[460]15 Night Raptors - 4 Nostraman Chainglaive, 3 Meltaguns, Huntmaster - Artificer Armour, Melta bomb, Nostraman Chainglaive.

Heavy Support

[210]Legion Fire Raptor -Autocannon Battery

Lord of War

[435]Konrad Curze - Warlord,

Ok tactics

Night fighting on a 2+ thanks to the RoW
Sevatar has issues deploying as he doesnt have infiltrate, only answer I can see is adding him to the Raptor squad until after deployment.
Curze also joins the raptors and they all deploy on the table. With Stealth, Shrouded, night fighting ect the whole squad have a 4+ cover save in the open.
Terror Squads Infiltrate. One unit close to the deployment line and the raptors so at the top of 1 Sevatar can swap units.

Turn 2
The terminators Deepstrike near to Sevatar (hopefully) and then wreck a few heavy tanks ( hopefully!)
Fire raptor comes on and kills light armour and some infantry.

Thoughts guys? Ive no tanks at all so a Typhoon will ruin my day as will most Knights... well until the chainfists get in.

Wargaming / 40K or 30K for the 11th Oct?
« on: October 10, 2015, 02:50:31 PM »
Erm as above?

Can do 1850 in 40K or 2500 in 30K. The 40K list make have a few proxies, just as a heads up :)

Army Lists / 1875 Adeptus Mechanicus
« on: August 13, 2015, 03:42:46 PM »
So, why is it Ive never seen the Adeptus Mechanicus War Convocation? All 3 Mechanicus books under 1 banner! Sounds like a winner to me.

Cult Mechanicus Battle Congregation Detachment


[105] Tech-Priest Dominus - Eradication Ray, Phosphor Serpenta, Conversion Field, Digital Weapons, Uncreator Gauntlet


[165] 3 Kataphron Destroyers - 3 Heavy Grav-cannon, 3 Cognis Flamers
[165] 3 Kataphron Destroyers - 3 Heavy Grav-cannon, 3 Cognis Flamers


[310] 2 Kastelan Robots - 2x TL Heavy Phosphor Blasters, 2 Heavy Phosphor Blasters
Cybernetica Datasmith - Powerfist, Dataspike, Conversion Field, Digital Weapon

Skittarii Battle Maniple - 655

[100] 10 Skitarri Vanguard - Omnispex, 3 Plasma Caliver,
Vanguard Alpha - Power Sword, Digital Weapon, Conversion Field, Pater Radium

[110] 10 Rangers - Omnispex, 3 Transuranic Arquebus
Ranger Alpha - Power Sword, Digital Weapon, Conversion Field, Arkhans Divinator

[160] 5 Sicarian Ruststalkers
Rustalker Princeps - Digital Weapon, Conversion Field, Prehensile Dataspike, The Omnicient Mask

[185] 5 Sicarian Infiltraitors
Infiltraitor Princeps - Digital Weapon, Conversion Field, Infoslave skull, Phase Taser, The Skull of Elder Nikola

[55] Ironstrider Ballistarii - TL Cognis Lascannon

[90] Dunecrawler - Icarus Array, Cognis Manipulator, Mindscanner Probe, Cognis Heavy stubber

Imperial Knight Oathsword Detachment

[425] Knight Crusader - Rapidfire Battle Cannon, Meltagun, Stormspear Rocket Pod

Total 1870

List done, tictacs on the way! :)

Modelling, Painting & Artwork / June Votes - everyone can vote!
« on: July 27, 2015, 08:40:33 AM »






Army Lists / AGoM XV - Age of Sigmar list
« on: July 18, 2015, 01:58:14 PM »
Right new comp for Age of Sigmar, I'll copy from the AGoM site.

Each entrant will select their army Core Force from one of the army compendiums available on the Games Workshop website. This Core Force must contain a minnimum of 40 Wounds worth of models, contain 1 warscroll with the keyword "Hero" and 2 other warcrolls without the keywords"Hero", "Warmachine" or "Monster" after these 3 warscrolls any number of warscrolls may be added to your Core Force as long as a minimum of 40 wounds have benn taken. This force must always be deployed and will be considered the core force of your army.

You then have the option during deployment to deploy warscrolls from your Auxillery Cohort which consist of any other warscrolls from the same faction as your core force(keywords: order, death, chaos or destruction). No warscroll can be taken more than once or taken if it features in your core fore (even if it is in 2 army compendiums e.g. giants). The total number of wounds you can deploy may not exceed 100.

You will qualify for sudden death victory condition only if your opponent deployed 1/3 more wounds than you not models. to determine % casualties compare starting wounds with wounds of casualties (models removed) instead of the number of models removed.

Organisations - if you wish to take an organisation out of the back of army compendiums this is permitted and is one of the only times warscrolls can be duplicated and only as part of the organisation.
Summoning units - unit can be summoned and can result in multiple copies of the same warscroll being present on the battlefield. Summoned units cannot take part in the hero phase in which they are summoned.
Scenarios - scenarios will be used during agom, see our information pack page for the first and any subsiquent released scenarios.

6 Scenarios similar to 40Ks Maelstrom missions.

Right I need to do a bit of a cheat sheet for this. As I always forget the synergies.

Goreblade Warband
[6]Mighty Lord of Khorne
[10]5 Blood Warriors
[20]20 Bloodreavers

[14]Bloodthirster of Insensate rage
[12]Chaos Warshrine
[5]Skarr Bloodwrath
[15]5 Skull Reapers

So the warband get reroll failed charges if a unit from the formation has already made a charge. If a unit is wiped out in combat all units gain 1 melee attack in combat.

interrupted by small child type thing. Be back with more later.

Army Lists / Age of Sigmar Lists!
« on: July 04, 2015, 12:14:10 PM »
Done to a few self imposed rules, those are

1-12 Warscrolls
1-2 Heroes
0-2 Monsters
No Warscroll can have more then 30 wounds
No duplicate Heroes
No more then 2 of the same warscroll
Max 100 wounds overall.

[12]Screaming Bell
[5]Chieftan with Battle Standard

[29]29 Slaves with Rusty Blades
[30]30 Stormvermin
[18]3 Stormfiends with Ratling guns
[6]Warplightning Cannon

Just a mix of stuff to see how things work. I hope I'll have fun.

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