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Standard disclaimer, it's about 20 years since I painted any miniatures....

Annoying the wife (primer on a brand new solid wood dining chair did not make me popular!)

Base coat and some (very) rough detail on the Marines:

Switched style for the Genestealer cult, opting to build up shades and use a glaze finish in order to make their armor look distinct from the marines

Still got lots to do (all of the Genestealer cult cannon fodder, and detailing on the marines)...  but am enjoying myself which is what counts.

Introductions / It is ever too late? (An introduction)
« on: March 20, 2016, 12:30:36 PM »
I finally did it, it took me until I was (well) over 30, but I finally sat down my friends and loved ones and admitted something to them and myself that I have been hiding from them for a long time.  I wanted to get into table top gaming.

My mum remembered my mostly untested modest imperial guard army from my late teens, my wife admitted that she always suspected, my Dad admitted similar experiments in his youth and my kids were confused at what a restraining order was, and why my new toys had one against them.

I've a supportive friend who is wiling to play Deathwatch:Overkill with me, but I'm getting the bug now, and thought it worth seeing what communities are out there for this, and just how easy I will find it to get into it.

Talk soon all.

----stealth edit----
Probably worth adding that I'm a resident of Pudsey and very keen to attend any gaming nights as an observer initially while I get my bearings


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